USS Absolution
USS Absolution
Class Sovereign-Class
Registry NCC-75042
Affliation Federation Starfleet
Status Active (2380)

The USS Absolution was a Sovereign-Class Federation Starship operating in the late 24th Century.

History Edit

Construction and Launch Edit

The USS Absolution was launched on stardate 57355.32 from the San Francisco Fleet Yards in orbit of Earth. The ship was the first part of the Pandora's Box project created by Admiral Janeway commissioning three Sovereign-Class vessels to explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy using a Quantum Slipstream Drive. Captain John Pellew assumed command of the ship, taking much of his crew from his former ship the USS Voltaire as well as taking on the graduating class of the elite Red Squad.

In Service Edit

After a two month shakedown cruise, the Absolution embarked on its five year mission; to explore the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant. To facilitate this mission, the Absolution was outfitted with some of the latest Starfleet advances, including an Ablative Hull Armor Generator, Transphasic Torpedoes, and a Quantum Slipstream Drive. Unfortunately, it took so long to generate the Benamite necessary to power the Quantum Slipstream Drive that the Absolution was only able to leave with enough for the initial trip. The ship itself was equipped to synthesize more, but it would take nearly the entire five year journey to generate enough for the return voyage.

After arriving in the drop point in the Beta Quadrant on stardate 57606.86, the Captain Pellew placed the members of Red Squad in command of the bridge, and called a conference of the Senior Leadership in the Captain's Dining Room to toast the successful trip and plan their next move. A few hours later, the Absolution was attacked by an unknown vessel. As the vessel dropped from lightspeed in front of them, it was able to fire a missle at the Absolution, rocking the ship. The members of Red Squad flew into action immediately, defending the ship, and in the end destroying the aggressor. However, the one missle that struck the ship opened the Captain's Dining Room to space, killing the entire senior staff. With no one clearly in the chain of command available to assume command, Starfleet Regulation 620 was invoked. Due to it, the last living occupants of the position (mostly Red Squad members) assumed permanent assignment to the position.

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