Rangitiaria Taiahiao, “Rangi”
Rangitiaria Taiahiao (57609.26)
Gender Female
Species Human
Affiliation Starfleet
Rank CMO
Status Active (2380)
Born 43201.06
Family Maniapoto Taiahiao (Father)

Pia te Rihi (Mother) Tane Taiahiao (Brother) Hori Taiahiao (Brother)

Rangitiaria Taiahiao (AKA Rangi (pronounced Rah-nn-ing-ee)) was a the Chief Medical Officer of the USS Absolution under Starfleet Regulation 620 following the death of CMO Doctor Joni Emmanuelli. Originally was to be the Xeno cultural expert. This is only the 2nd time she has been on an off planet mission.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rangi Taiahiao was born at her family’s home on Earth. Her childhood education included intense schooling in ancient Maori ways and arts along with three years at Hukarere Maori Girls School. When she was 12 a relative noticed how bright Rangi was and recommended she go to a Star Fleet preparatory school for her last 4 years. Initially her parents didn’t want her going to a non- maori school but when Kuranui Tinorau , the instructor of South Pacific ancient cultures visited them they finally agreed. Rangi was named after the first female of their iwi to visit space she should have the opportunity to go there and decide for herself. Rangi exceled in school. She wasn’t valedictorian but she did well enough to place her in a good position for Starfleet Academy. When she joined, as a sign that her family felt she was ready to be on her own, they allowed her to get her lower lip tattooed with a design similar to her name sake. During the ceremony the image of her ancestor seemed to have a shine off her tattoo. A sign that her ancestor was pleased.

Starfleet Academy Edit

At the academy she followed a science tract which would allow her for various areas of extended study. She got her degree in ancient Terran cultures, but soon as she graduated she was immediately working on her masters with Kuranui Tinorau. Finding her curiosity insatiable she went back and got her medical degree with a specialty in integrating cultural medical techniques into modern medical treatments. Even with multiple degrees she couldn’t get enough knowledge it seemed. She was starting her final exams for her 2nd masters when 2 elders from her iwi came to visit her. It was only then that she agreed to take a posting off Earth to learn by doing not just by books. It didn’t hurt that Star Fleet was in need to good knowledgeable officers.

USS AndroliteEdit

Rangi accepted a position as a cultural officer in the science department of the ship. She did enjoy the assignement but found it to be rather lonely. Her friends on earth sent her two Alaskan Malamute dogs to help keep her company. They were her companions during her assignment. She tried to make friends with many of her fellow officers but many of them found her a bit stand offish. She took over the Chief Medical officer position for a short time. As the most senior medical doctor on board she was ordered to fill in for the CMO when he had become unable to do his job properly. She held that position for two months before Star Fleet contacted her for a new assignment.

Star Base Kappa Delta 773Edit

Due to a well received paper of Rangi’s being published in several Medical journals, Star Fleet reassigned Rangi to be the cultural liaison, and secondary medical officer to a small tactical group stationed at Star Base Kappa Delta 773. Listings of what occurred there have been damaged due to seismic activity on the planet. Following an 18 month deployment Rangi returned to earth on the USS Gibson.

Advanced StudiesEdit

On her return to earth Rangi prepared to start her docotrate in Xeno Cultural Anthropology. She planned on working with Kuranui Tinorau, but she was called back to her ancestoral home by her Nanna. It was her Nanna's dying wish for Rangi to visit the stars again. She felt that Rangi had not finished her journey in the stars. It was with a sad heart that Rangi left her home and family to accept the 5 year mission on the USS Absolution. When she returned she will have her doctoral theisis done, and maybe learn something new along the way.

Service Record Edit

  • 43672.07: Entered Academy
  • 48389.29: Graduated from Academy with double major in Terran Cultural anthoropology and bio-science
  • 48421.05: Accepted into Xeno Medical Doctor Program
  • 52425.71: Graduated with degree in Xeno Medicine
  • 52444.89: Accepted into Masters program for Advanced Ancient Terran Cultural Anthropology
  • 53988.08: Graduated with Masters in Advanced Anchient Terran Cultural Anthropology
  • 54197.97: Accepted Position as Science Officer Aboard the USS Androlite
  • 54669.80: Accepted Temporary Promotion to Chief Medical Officer of USS Androlite
  • 55179.04: Accepted Transfer to Star Base Kappa Delta 773 as cultural liaison, and secondary medical officer
  • 56101.61: Returned to the Terrran system to work on Doctorate in Xeno Cultural Anthropology
  • 57542.48: Reported for Duty as Cultural Officer, and secondary Medical Officer to the USS Absolution

2380 Edit

With the beginning of the new year, the crew of the Absolution was truly springing to action. Preperations were made to utilize the Quantum Slipstream Drive for the first time to catapult the ship to the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant. After the fanfare of a goodbye from Starfleet in orbit of Earth, the ship rocketed to the drop point within the Beta Quadrant. The flight through the slipstream having gone off without a hitch, the captain had called a meeting of all the Senior Officer’s to the Captain’s Dinning Room. At the time Rangi was storing some herbal remedies that she often used into her assigned storage cabinet. Being the most senior medical officer in the room at the time Doctor Joni Emmanuelli place her in charge of sick bay until the swing shift came on duty. She thought nothing of it, as it was routine. Rangi realized something was wrong soon as the red alert Klaxon’s went off. After that she didn’t have time to think. She was playing traffic manager taking care of all the wounded that were pouring into the sickbay. She was a researcher, not a trauma doctor. It felt like years, but was only a hour later when she was called to examine the bodies brought in from the Captain’s Dining Room. Laid out on the morgue tables was her captain, and the rest of the senior staff. This included the man who had left her in charge. At the sight of them Rangi knew her life had changed. She was given a field promotion to Commander and was made the Chief Medical Officer. Her life would never be the same again.

Personal Life Edit

Personality Edit

Rangi is a generally likeable peron but she is known for her strong personality. She will express her opinion on a topic and not hold back. She is a feircly loyal person, but you have to prove yourself to her. Rangi is someone who has a love of history, culture and knowledge. She feels that you never should stop learning. She jokingly says they finally had to kick her out of the academy because she didn’t want to leave. She wanted to get all the knowledge she could before she was tossed out into the galexy. It finally took one of her Waitangi kaumatua (elders ) comeing to her and telling her that she would never get all the knowledge she needed from books. To truly learn she would need to voyage out and explore as her ansestors had done.

One sure way to get on her bad side is to call her “Randi” or insist that she take , a more Europen name. In the past people have tried to get her to change it so it would be easier to speak, but all it did was insult her. She feels that since Star Fleet allows Vulcans, Klingons, Andorians, and other races of our galaxy to keep their name so should she. She knows she gets funny looks looks from people when she is in the gym. She is pround of her many tribal tattoos. They are traditional symbols of her culture. Other then their odd design there is the fact they are done in the traditional manner of her culture. The design was actually incised into the flesh. The uhi (tattoo chisel), cuts into the skin one-eighth of an inch, but on occasion went even deeper. After the incision for the moko (tattoo) ink was added to the skin by rubbing in the pigment over the open incisions or going over the original incisions with a serrated uhi, which had been dipped in the pigment. The designs heal with the grooves intact rather than keloiding or healing smooth as the skin usually does when cut this way. It was done with out anesthetic, That is the reason that only the strongest of the warriors had full body tattoes,though when she had hers done she had a doctor near by. Her brother Tane’s full body traditional moko is another reason he has such a good rapour with the klingons.

Family BackgroundEdit

When people meet Rangi they are not sure what to call her. She is from a culture that many have paid little attention to. They see the powerful Klingons and can say ,’they are warrior’s. Yet here in the Terran system there is a group that has been just as fierce warriors for centuries. They have been fierce warriors for nearly 2 thousand years. Her culture is the Maori. They are adventures, and warriors. Their ancestors rode their waka hourua (voyaging canoe) from their ancestral homeland of Hawaiki across the Pacfic ocean to Aotearoa (New Zealand — literally ‘Land of the Long White Cloud) 2,000 years ago. Such was the bounty of this land & sea that he returned and brought back many more. Here her people lived until the Europens came. Her people fought for their lands but the invader’s numbers over took them. Her people did live generally peacefully, but her people lost much. One thing they have never lost is their culture. They still celebrate the powhiri ( greeting) every year to celebrate the treaty of Waitangi. They are still known for our Hakas, war challenge chants. They are fiece and anchient warriors.

Relationships Edit


Hori is the middle child of the family. He is 2 years older than Rangi. He is an artist. He is known for his tradifional Maori carvings. He is working with Star Fleet to make a special waka (ship) as a gift to a planet this next year. Rangi is very proud of her brother’s accomplishments. She has a small carving her brother did of the ancestor she is named after with her in her cabin.

Tane Edit

He is the oldest of Rangi’s brother’s Tane, is in star fleet as a liason to the Klingons. Many laughed when he applied for the job. He swears it is the most fun he has ever had. Though he still has the scars of the time he started doing a Haka during an excibition of Rugby. The diplomat got quite a laugh out of the battle that ensued. Rule #1 one he says is NEVER do a war challenge infront of people who know what it means and can do something about it. Of course once he had healed the diplomat asked him to teach him a haka. Rangi looks up to her brother tane. He is her protector, and often speaks for her at tribal gatherings.

Extended familyEdit

Rangi is very close to her extended family. She has her great grandmother, and iwi matriarch she calls Nana. She has several Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and onwards. She believes where ever you go you take your ancestors with you. Where ever she goes her family is with her.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"All cultures are the same on a base level. Everyone has basic concepts that they were based upon. It is how those basic concepts grew and developed is what makes everyone different."