Alec Gaius Drake
Alec Drake (57609.26)
Gender Male
Species Human
Affiliation Starfleet
Rank Captain
Status Active (2380)
Born 34056.55
Family Julian Drake (Father)

Emma Drake (Mother) Ralph Drake (Uncle)

Alec Gaius Drake was a the Commanding Officer of the USS Absolution under Starfleet Regulation 620 following the death of Captain John Pellew. He became the second Starfleet Cadet in history to have to assume command of a Starfleet Vessel.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Alec grew up on the Federation Colony Penthara IV in 2356. His father, Julian Drake, was an engineer on the colony's mining operations. His mother was a member of the colony leaders, in addition to raising raising four children. Alec worked hard around the colony even from an early age. There weren't a lot of children in his age group on Penthara IV, so he spent what spare time he had with his uncle, Ralph. Ralph was a bit of a drifter, having worked dozens of jobs over the course of his life. Julian had secured a job for his brother doing labor on the mining operations, but even at that his attendance was haphazard. Though his supervision admitted that he was quite skilled when he did show up for work. Alec learned a lot during these formative years, science from his father, leadership from his mother, and a whole slew of other things from his uncle (from biology to grifting). In spite of how quickly he learned everything, he found that he had very little focus, and his dream career would change on an almost daily basis.

All that changed in 2368. An asteriod struck the colony world, causing a chain reaction to bring about a nuclear winter on the planet. The colony leaders called Starfleet for help, and the USS Enterprise was dispatched to aid their small colony world. The Enterprise collaborated with Doctor Hal Moseley to come up with a method to save their world. After much work and personal risk to themselves, the crew of the Enterprise was able to save the entire planet from near destruction. Afterwards, the colony threw a celebration for the crew, and it was there that the 12 year old Alec would get to meet the Senior Officers of the Enterprise. He was awestruck by their actions, their knowledge, and their courage. It was then that he decided that he was going to join Starfleet.

Alec applied himself to his schooling like never before. He found himself studying constantly, between classes, at work, non-stop. When he wasn't studying for his classes, he was studying manuals from Starfleet, learning everything he could. When it came time for him to go to High School, he applied for and was accpeted to Worcester Academy, an elite prep school back on Earth. There he excelled in history, mathematics, and was an avid member of the school's fencing team. He graduated as valedictorian, and was accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Starfleet Academy Edit

Starfleet Academy was everything Alec always wanted and more. He found that the more he challenged himself there, the more he learned, and the more they would challenge him in return. Alec dual majored in Probability Mechanics and Xenopsycology. Shortly after beginning command sims his instructors discovered much to their delight and consternation that he was a genius when it came to starship warfare tactics. During this time, he was also selected for participation in Advanced Tactical Training and Red Squad.

While at Starfleet Academy, he discovered that while he was a capable leader, and quite skilled tactically, he had a very hard time making some of the tough decisions that a starship captain must make. This was typified by the two records he set (and still holds) at Starfleet Academy. He was the only cadet to ever win the Kobayashi Maru legally, and he was the only cadet to ever have to take the Starfleet Bridge Officer Examination six times after five successive failures.

With only a few months left till graduation, he was selected (with the rest of Red Squad) to participate in Admiral Janeway's Pandora's Box project. On track to graduate summa cum laude within a month, he transfered with his classmates to the USS Absolution.

Service Edit

2379 Edit

On stardate 57543.55, Alec reported to the USS Absolution for duty. He was to be mentored by Captain Pellew for the last month, until he would be awarded his degrees and granted the rank of Ensign. At that time Captain Pellew would assign him to the position he saw fit, and he would continue with the five year mission of the Absolution. Over the holidays he spent all the time he could trying to glean information from the elder Starfleet Officer, hoping to learn all those things that schooling just couldn't teach him.

2380 Edit

With the beginning of the new year, the crew of the Absolution was truly springing to action. Preperations were made to utilize the Quantum Slipstream Drive for the first time to catapult the ship to the far reaches of the Beta Quadrant. After the fanfare of a goodbye from Starfleet in orbit of Earth, the ship rocketed to the drop point within the Beta Quadrant. The flight through the slipstream having gone off without a hitch, Captain Pellew placed the members of Red Squad in charge of the bridge while he called a meeting of all the Senior Officers in the Captain's Dining Room. He placed Alec in command of the bridge until the swing shift bridge crew came on duty. That was not to be though, as the ship was attacked by an unknown vessel a few hours later. The vessel managed to fire off a missle immediately as it decelerated from lightspeed, which struck the port side of the ship, breaching the hull. The Red Squad bridge crew sprung into action. Though they tried to communiate with the unknown vessel, their hails went answered only by more fire, so Alec utilized a L-4 Maneuver and destroyed the enemy vessel. As they surveyed the minor damage to the ship though, they discovered tragic news: The section of the ship that had vented to space contained the Captain's Dining Room. The entire senior command crew was dead.

Being that normally the chain of command only flows through the senior command crew, the crew was uncertain of who was actually in command of the ship. After consulting the ships computer, it determined that based on Starfleet Regulation 620, the last living person placed in command was now the new Commanding Officer of the ship. Based on this, the ship's computer asserted, and the ships Judge Advocate General, Lieutenant Oberton agreed, Alec was to be promoted to Captain and placed in command of the ship.

Personal Life Edit

Personality Edit

Alec Drake had an easy going, affable personality. He always seemed to make friends easily, though he would frequently become distracted and be caught staring off into space as his mind pondered one thing or another. He was more than a bit of a bookworm, but never too caught up into his studies to make time for a friend. He would frequently become very good friends with those who he worked with, frequently making it difficult for him to make tough decisions concerning them when he was placed over them. This was actually the reason he failed the Bridge Officer's Exam five time; He just couldn't make himself send one of his bridge crew off to die.

Relationships Edit

Julian Drake Edit

Alec had a great relationship with his father, who worked tirelessly to ensure his son had a chance at all his dreams. Throughout his time at Worcester Academy and Starfleet Academy, the two would converse almost daily about whatever struck their fancy. It was from his father that he got his easy-going way and his love of all things learned. All of which made it particularly hard on him when his father died late in 2377.

Memorable Quotes Edit

"The best tactic to employ in a battle will always be the same. Whichever one will neutralize the enemy with the least amount of lives lost on either side of the battlefield."

- In his graduation speech from Advanced Tactical Training

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